Danao, formerly a barrio of Talibon, is currently a 4th class municipality of the Province of Bohol. Created by EO No. 422 signed by the late President Carlos P. Garcia on March 14, 1961, it started to operate as an age Municipality Corporationon July 9, 1961 after the qualification of its appointed mayor, the Hon. Leopoldo P. Vitor Sr.

The municipality is an alluvial valley of the Wahig River and is therefore blessed with abundant supply of water; hence its name coined from the word “lanao” which means overflowed with water.

Wahig River

Danao’s historical significance is etched in Philippine history. Danao’s icon Boholano leader, Francisco Dagohoy, who succeeded in defying the authority of Spain for eighty-five (85) years, got the first volunteer to form the nucleus of his movement known as the Revolutionary Republic of Dagohoy, an independent government.

In recognition of this fact, the Philippine Historical Society, represented by Dr. Eufronio Alip, erected a plaque at Barangay Magtangtang of Danao to mark the spot where the administrative headquarters of Dagohoy once stood, now called as “Dagohoy Marker”.


Now, sixty-one years later, Danao is coping with challenges from all fronts and the main focus of the municipality is to achieve effective governance to pave the way for a better quality of life of its constituents.